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Holistic Health and Wellness Educator and Consultant


Karen Best Wright has a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health Education and an M.A. in Psychology, Specialization in Health and Wellness. Her interests vary from spiritual living, holistic health including nutrition & fitness, nature, and her 8 children and 15 grandchildren.

She has been self-employed since 1998 and owns SeniorPro Marketing (, a home-based business in which she provides a variety of Internet marketing services to small companies, including search engine optimization consulting, webdesign, and freelance writing focusing on web content and health articles.

After raising her own eight children, she raised three grandchildren for almost seven years, which she loved. Even though the children are fortunate and have returned to live with their mother, Karen communicates and counsels with other such grandparents throughout the United States through her grandparents website, Visit her blog for grandparents at

Karen has previously been a yoga instructor, a personal trainer, and has taught workshops on a variety of health education topics. She also coaches women on developing healthy living habits including nutrition, fitness, spirituality, goal setting, and home organization. Visit her website at and her wellness blog at

Her first book, "I LOVE YOU FROM THE EDGES: Lessons from Raising Grandchildren was published May 2014. It is available in both print and e-book form.


Holistic Health and Wellness, community health education, body and soul connection, nature, nutrition, energy healing, dancing, her children and grandchildren, and particularly working with women about their life path of being women and mothers. Manages several websites and blogs including:,,,,,